Prof exposes UCLAs dirty tricks against conservatives

Keith Fink, a former communications professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, recently revealed the “dirty tricks” that he says UCLA uses to silence conservatives on campus.

In a detailed presentation to the Bruin Republicans last week, the professor revealed several unique details surrounding his June termination and his failure to pass a so-called “excellence review” issued by the academic institution.  

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“Everything changed last year,” said Fink, speaking in front of about 100 students. “That is because the Department ended up getting [a new Chair] extremely to the left who despised me even though she never met me from the moment I was hired.”

From there, Fink extensively outlined seven “dirty tricks” utilized by the administration in order to terminate him from the university, including restricting enrollment in his popular free speech course, preventing the professor from using his own student evaluations in his review process, and refusing to create an unbiased evaluation panel.

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“They ask you in this process, it probably makes some sense, ‘tell us who is biased against you?’” Fink noted. “I would assume they ask you who is biased because those who are biased against you then will not be involved in the process of deciding whether or not you are qualified to continue teaching.”

Despite listing the names of those who showed bias against the professor, however, Fink claims that the school “refused to strike” the individuals from the review process, leading him to conclude that “the Bias List meant absolutely nothing.”

Other strategies mentioned by the former UCLA professor include allegedly hacking into a widely-circulated student petition that criticized the school for restricting enrollment in his course, and disregarding the criteria normally used for determining a lecturer’s excellence.

“We’re in the midst of a modern day red scare,” Fink warned, “where loyalty oaths have become the rule of the day, and teachers must bow to the Diversity Equity and Inclusion gods, and making sure their curriculum conforms to what is a very progressive agenda… ”

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